Treasurer Duties

The Township Treasurer collects and distributes your property tax bill to the following entities:

  • State of Michigan
  • County of Oakland
  • Oakland Community College
  • Oakland County Schools
  • School Districts of Brandon and Oxford
  • Brandon Township, Police, Fire Operating, Fire Equipment and House, Library Operating, DDA, and all special assessments

Duties of the Treasurer’s Office:

  • Receive, receipt, and deposit all monies due to the Township.
  • Invest all monies to meet the cash flow needs of the Township.
  • Administer and collect all special assessments.
  • Produce, mail, and collect all summer and winter taxes.
  • Transfer monies and sign all Township payroll and accounts payable checks.
  • Reconciliation of all Township bank accounts.
  • Management of payroll and accounts payable accounts, for cash flow.
  • Maintain records of all money that is disbursed, and records of all investments with rates, locations, and due dates.
  • Petty Cash management.
  • Sale of Dog Licenses.
  • One of seven voting members of the Township Board.