Woodworking Club

The club had its first meeting in November 2003.

If you have any suggestions for projects for non-profit organizations, or would like to donate wood or tools or to possibly join this club, contact Larry Lang at 248-627-4545.

A 1:12 scale model of the Old Mill has been completed and is now on display at the Old Mill, in downtown Ortonville, Michigan.  The club also made book cases for the Ortonville Historical Society, which are in the library at the Old Mill.

Other projects completed by club members include:  Blanket chest, file cabinet, furniture, gun case, and toys.

Two (2) benches for Senior Center at Edna Burton Memorial Area

The club made these for the Edna Burton memorial area at the senior center. We used mostly cedar that was recycled from old telephone poles, to the the cost down. Plans were downloaded from Workbench magazine, and modified slightly to reduce the possibility of moisture damage.  We actually mortised and tenoned the vertical back (inner) supports to the upper and lower back, for that reason. Titebond III (www.titebond.com) glue was used because it has water cleanup and allowed some time for adjusting the joints before they were clamped into final location. Stainless steel screws were used, because cedar has a tendency to bleed through when material such as iron is used.  Pre-staining was done to some pieces to make sure that all of the material has some stain on every surface.  Engraving or carving will be done so the benches can be identified. A tie-down system will be setup to prevent the benches from wandering off after they have been put in the memorial area, which is outside.

Members that worked on the project:  chuck Audet, George Fletcher, Ron Hall, Larry Lang, Norman Mallory, Dean Salley, and Bob Swanson.  Chuck Audet took the pictures at the dedication September 29, 2015.