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The Charter Township of Brandon Cemeteries

The Charter Township of Brandon has five cemeteries and one memorial site named Hummer Rock, which is dedicated to the Hummer Family, one of the township's founding families.

Established on April 7, 1875 with 5 acres of land Seymour Lake Cemetery is still an active cemetery.

Brandon Township allows urns and monument stones along with limited tree and shrub planting.  It is located adjacent to the Brandon Township Fire Station #2.  Today Seymour Lake Cemetery along with the 5 other memorial sites continues to be administered by the Brandon Township Clerk, Candee Allen.

The current costs for the Seymour Lake Cemetery are:
Seymour Lake Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Seymour Lake Prices and Ground Regulations



Single lot - Brandon Township resident is a person who currently lives in Brandon Township for a minimum of one (1) year or is a former resident for five (5) years and provides corresponding documentation. $400.00
Single lot - Non-resident - does not fit the criteria as listed above.  $600.00
Grave Services - Pricing available through Genesee Valley Vault at 810-695-5166 
Open & Closing Adult weekday  
Open & Closing Adult Saturday   
Open & Closing Adult Holiday   
Cremation Opening & Closing   
Cremation Opening & Closing with Tent additional  
Cremation Opening & Closing Saturday  
Cremation Opening & Closing Holiday and Sunday  

Please use the pet stations when walking your dog in the cemetery - if the container is full, please contact the Clerk's Office at 248-627-2851.  Thank you!

Brandon Township's four inactive cemeteries along with the memorial site are located within the boundaries of the township and date back to the 1800's.  These inactive and valuable memorial sites are located as follows:

  • Shurter Cemetery is located on Perry Lake Road near Seymour Lake Road.
  • Carmer Cemetery is located on State Park Road between Ray Road and Sands Road.
  • Bald Eagle Lake Cemetery is on West M-15 just south of Glass Road.
  • Eaton Cemetery is located on Honert Road.
  • Hummer Rock is a memorial site on Granger Road near Perry Lake Road.